Thursday, June 25, 2009

Danielle Smith Loses Sixty Facebook Followers in One Day?

Yesterday I came across an interesting blog posting titled "Still Just for fun...Mark Dyrholm team closes the "interweb" gap!" at the Calgary Rants blog at . Shane writes that in the ten days since June 14, the Dyrholm campaign has caught up to Smith's campaign in both the number Facebook and Twitter followers. He cites the following numbers on this blog:

June 24:

Danielle Smith:

Facebook: 235 Followers.

Twitter: 911 Followers

Mark Dyrholm:

Facebook: 212 followers
Twitter: 727 Followers

I have highlighted the number of Facebook followers he reported for Danielle Smith since I've been closely following the Wildrose Alliance leadership race unfold on the internet. Yesterday he reports her having 235 followers. Today at noon I checked Danielle Smith's facebook page and she had only 175 followers. Since I'm assuming the Calgary Rants blog has reported yesterday's number accurately, this means that Danielle lost 60 followers in one day! This wouldn't just mean that the Dyrholm campaign is closing the "interweb gap", it means Danielle's online campaign is rapidly bleeding support while Mark's online campaign is steadily pulling ahead.

Of the two campaigns, it has been reported that the Dyrholm campaign has far more youth involved. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are often the most popular with the younger demographic. Could these young volunteers be the factor that is giving the Dyrholm campaign the current edge in the "interweb war"? We'll have to wait and see how this continues to unfold:

As of noon today, June 25th, Danielle Smith had 175 followers.

Here's the link to her facebook fan page:

As of noon today, June 25th, Mark Dyrholm had 225 followers.

Here's the link to his facebook fan page: