Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Candidates Explain their Leadership Bids to the Calgary Herald

The Calgary Herald asked both leadership candidates the question, "Why do you want to be leader of the Wildrose Alliance?" The response give by Danielle Smith and Mark Dyrholm were both published in the Calgary Herald on June 11th and July 6th. The fact that Danielle's response was published so much sooner may be indicative of the fact that she has been a columnist for the Calgary Herald and no doubt has many friends and acquaintances that still work there. This whole leadership race so far has played like a long distance marathon with Danielle as the first one of the gates and Mark pacing himself a few strides behind. Besides the fact that they were published a full month apart, what's most interesting about the responses from each candidate below is what each candidate emphasizes. In her response, Danielle Smith places more emphasis on the failures of the Stelmach PC Party and cites the history of Alberta politics as being on the side of the new "centre-right" political party. In his response, Mark places more emphasis the successes he has had as a business owner and cites his own history of involvement in Alberta's 'legacy parties." I have linked both articles below so that readers can read and judge each response for themselves:

Why I want to be leader of the Wildrose Alliance, By Mark Dyrholm
For The Calgary Herald, July 6, 2009

Article's Closing Quote:

"Compare the candidates, go to their websites and you will find that I am the only candidate who lists my policies and team members. I believe in transparency and feel that you need to know who a candidate is, what they stand for and who their campaign team members are...If you believe in less government, lower taxes, political accountability, property rights and freedom of speech, I am the right choice."

Why I want to be leader of Wildrose Alliance, By Danielle Smith
For The Calgary Herald, June 11, 2009

Article's Closing Quote:

"Through lack of consultation or competence, the province is on the wrong track and doesn't seem willing to get on the right one...Those of us who want a centre-right government are left with no choice but to create our own alternative. Every single party that has ever governed this province has swept away the stale party and the stale ideas that preceded it. As a leadership candidate for the Wildrose Alliance, with your support, we can make that happen once again."